May is Military Appreciation Month.

National Military Appreciation Month, celebrated every May, was introduced in 1999 to encourage U.S. citizens to observe the month as a symbol of unity. May is characterized by six national observances highlighting the extraordinary contributions of those who have served …

By Pamela Jimenez
Pamela Jimenez Program Director for the Center for Social Justice
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Building Communities To Address Systemic Challenges In Higher Education And Beyond

The systemic inequities we experience and observe every day, although long existing, seem to be soaring. If we see them, if we believe in the critical need to scaffold the preparation of a diverse, engaged and ready next generation of …

DANIEL PASCOE AGUILAR Fndg. Director of Ctr. for Social Justice & CDO
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Veteran-Friendly Employers: Identifying Companies Committed to Hiring Veterans

As a way of saying thank you, many employers throughout the United States have initiatives that include both hiring and on-the-job training for military veterans and their spouses. 

These employers recognize that the soft skills veterans have developed throughout their …

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IBM’s Neurodiversity Advancement Initiative Supports Employees Revealing Their Authentic Self in the Workplace

In this episode of Work in Progress, I’m joined by Nat Lyckowski, the global neurodiversity advancement leader for tech giant IBM.

“Neurodiversity is a concept to respect and accept neurological differences as a natural part of human variation. Just like …

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