Military & Veterans

Military & Veterans

The goal of this community or “rope team is to support the experience and development of active military, veterans, and family members of active military and veterans who have the unique experience of serving in the uniformed services and to whom we deeply grateful for their selfless service This community offers connections, opportunities, resources and experiences to help navigate obstacles that may arise along your personal, social, academic and professional journey. We call them “rope teams” because these communities, as many as you are interested in accessing, are here to support your student and alum journey as well as to provide you with an opportunity to support the journey of those you want to help succeed. 

Stories & News

5 Fortune 500 CEOs Who Served in the Military

When it comes to transitioning from military service to civilian life, many veterans wonder how the experiences and skills they've developed will translate to a new career. We've explored this topic in-depth, with our series of articles distilled from our …

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National Veteran and Military Families

Excelsior University, The Center for Social Justice, and the Military & Veterans Rope team are excited to celebrate National Veteran & Military Families. Each November, the president signs a proclamation declaring November National Veterans & Military Families Month. We honor …

PAMELA JIMENEZ Program Director for the Center for Social Justice
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Finding Your Career Path in IT with Many Interests

For some, the field of study you pursue in college determines your career path. But for others, like Mark Oppenneer, major definitely does not equal career! Mark currently works in IT, but has a degree in English education, a master’s …

By Mary [uConnect]
Mary [uConnect] Customer Success Manager
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How persistence and mentorship helped this veteran and Excelsior grad succeed!

Donald Ham was not sure what the future would hold when he joined the navy.

Joining just to get a roof over our heads, enlisting gave me training and responsibilities which revealed strengths and abilities I did not know I …

By Mary [uConnect]
Mary [uConnect] Customer Success Manager
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Top jobs after the military: Transitioning back to civilian life


The day veterans hang up their uniforms for the last time is often bittersweet. On one hand, they’re free! They no longer have people telling them what to do, where to go, or how to do their job. On …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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How To Translate Veteran Experience To Land A Civilian Job

We spoke with Tara Carlidge, Recruiting Manager at Citi and former Personnel Officer in the U.S. Army, to ask her about what advice she has for veterans trying to translate their experience serving into the corporate/civilian world when they go …

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