What are Rope Teams?

Welcome to Excelsior’s Rope Teams!  

We have built 18 rope teams as representation and support villages around you to help you reach your goals based on what matters to you. 

We call them rope teams because they are designed to provide you with a support network to remind you that we are here for you and to help you succeed.

Are you looking for a network that cares about what matters to you?

In the rope teams you will be able to find, learn about and connect with alums, employers, faculty, staff, and other students or community members with whom you identify or who have expressed interest in supporting you.  

Are you interested in learning from the stories, perspectives and insight of those with whom you identify or who are pursuing careers that interest you? Are you looking for a safe and supportive community with which you can share your perspective and questions, and from which you can learn about different perspectives and gather insight on how to respond to the challenges of our world?

In the rope teams you will find spotlights, videos and blogs on the journeys and insights of members of your communities.  

Are you looking for experiences that can help you engage in the environments, activities and interactions in which you feel safe, develop skills or to which you’d like to contribute?

In the rope teams you will access opportunities to participate in experiences and events, or to interact with professionals or mentors in the careers and communities that matter to you. 

Are you looking for resources, tools or information that will help you continue growing and reach your next steps?

In the rope teams, you will find fresh information, resources and tools relevant to the identities and careers you care about. 

We have two types of rope teams:

Identity/Allyship Rope Teams to support you based on how you identify, including:

Career Rope Teams to support your professional interests based on the industries that call your attention, including:

Start leveraging the array of opportunities the rope teams that matter to you have to offer! Go to communities.excelsior.edu, find the rope teams that interest you, and personalize your Rope Teams Newsletter by clicking on the “Customize your Community Content” purple button at the top of every page and selecting your preferences on the content that matters to you.