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The breast cancer burden in lower income countries is even worse than we thought

FEBRUARY 1, 20242:46 PM ET

Nurith Aizenman

By Pamela Jimenez
Pamela Jimenez Program Director for the Center for Social Justice
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How to choose your path in a nursing program

Deciding to be a nurse means you’ve embraced a career where you hope to help doctors take care of patients and practice the field of medicine. However, once you actually enter a nursing program, you need to make another decision: …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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5 Tips on How to Succeed as a New Nurse

Cathy Yeulet/

Starting your first nursing job may seem overwhelming. You have finished one of the most difficult undergraduate educations that exists, but starting to put what you have learned into practice presents a whole new set of difficulties. Thankfully, …

By HospitalRecruiting
HospitalRecruiting is an online healthcare job board for physicians, advanced practitioners, nurses, and allied health professionals. Visit our site to view current medical practice and employment opportunities or navigate to our Healthcare Career Resources Blog for more great articles like this one!
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5 Emerging Careers in Nursing

When most people think about a career in nursing, they usually don't consider that nurses can fill several different roles. While most nurses serve patients directly, there are different specialties within the field that nurses can pursue once they finish …

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Building Communities To Address Systemic Challenges In Higher Education And Beyond

The systemic inequities we experience and observe every day, although long existing, seem to be soaring. If we see them, if we believe in the critical need to scaffold the preparation of a diverse, engaged and ready next generation of …

DANIEL PASCOE AGUILAR Fndg. Director of Ctr. for Social Justice & CDO
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A Day in the Life: Oncology Charge Nurse

Olivia Breef, RN, BSN, OCN, is a charge nurse in the oncology department at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center. At the youthful age of 27, she has her oncology nursing certification (OCN) and manages a staff of TK nurses …

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