How To Use Diversity To Your Advantage in the Job Search

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How To Use Diversity To Your Advantage in the Job Search was originally published on DiversityJobs.

In recent years, organizations have been looking to hire diverse candidates in order to portray a strong global outlook in a workforce made up of various different ethnicities, races, sexes, and religions.

Companies understand how important it is to have diversity within their organizations, as it provides different perspectives and a large pool of unique talents to help grow their business. Also, having members from different cultural and social backgrounds helps companies develop good relationships with various groups, thereby boosting sales and revenue.

Luckily, this also means that there are many opportunities for all the multicultural job seekers out there.  So when you, a candidate with a diverse background, are looking for a job, here are some suggestions on how you can use your uniqueness to your advantage:

Show Off Your Skills

As a multicultural job seeker, you need to be aware of your capabilities and how you can stand out from the competition. Make a list of the skills that you have acquired over the years, and make sure to brush up on them before applying!

For example, if you have learned a foreign language or two, take a course to refresh your memory, and then use it to impress your interviewer.

Show Off Your Experiences

Before you head into a job interview, list the experiences you’ve had when traveling to a foreign country, or growing up in your hometown. Choose experiences that you think are extremely unique, and show your employer what you’ve learned from them.

Maybe you could highlight how you taught kids to speak English in Cambodia, or how you were in charge of organizing prayer meetings in your neighborhood. These experiences speak volumes about your character and will show the employer that you like to take the initiative.

Bilingual Is Good

Besides having basic knowledge of a foreign language, it’ll be great if you’re able to read and write fluently in that language as well. Even if it is your native language, this is an additional skill that will add weight to your resume.

Studies show that bilingual employees tend to pick up and learn techniques much faster than those who speak a single language, so make sure you let the employer know if you can communicate in more than one.

Be Socially Aware

It helps, especially if you’re working with a global brand, to know the political, economic, and social dynamics in your country of origin.

This way, you’ll be able to give a fresh perspective on these topics and a more personal explanation of things that may not be common knowledge for people from other countries or ethnicities.

This could definitely be a big help to anyone looking to market their products in your country or cultural community.

Highlight Minority Affiliations

If you have any affiliations with minority groups in the area, make sure to highlight this in your cover letter. This will show the employer that you are a diverse candidate, and they will be pleased to know that their company would be affiliated with a minority group.

You may have experienced discrimination in the past, but don’t let that stop you from using what makes you unique to help you succeed! Embrace your culture, stay positive, and play to your strengths.

If you are someone with a unique background and you stand out from the rest of the crowd, all you have to do is show a prospective employer how your diversity can benefit their organization. Your special perspectives, skills, and experiences will help the business grow and succeed in an increasingly global workforce.

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