From 6-Figure Debt to Securing Financial Freedom

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Melissa Jean-Baptiste, a first-generation Haitian-American living in New York City, thought she was doing all the right things when it came to her finances, but after trying to secure a loan to buy her first home, she quickly realized the reality. She wasn’t doing anything, learning how money truly operated, or how to use it as a tool. Fast forward, and Melissa now helps other millennials build generational wealth through debt management strategies, passive income and investing, and a communal digital space to start their debt-free journey. So do you want to know how Melissa paid off $102,000 in debt on a teacher’s salary? And how you can also plan for an early work optional retirement? Tune in and find out!


– Why Melissa began her money journey

– How to pay off debt with other financial goals in mind

– Pivoting your budget throughout your journey

– Melissa’s ultimate money hack

– Is a side hustle always a good idea?

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