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As part of our celebration of Native American Day –a celebration of the diverse history and culture of our country’s Indigenous people and an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the rich heritage of the many Indigenous tribes that lived here long before the founding of the United States of America and to celebrate their art, music, and history while reflecting on the suffering and struggle they have faced throughout our shared history–, we were thrilled to host Mohawk Nation Justice Hall as our keynote speaker.


We invite you to experience the recording of her presentation and join us for a debriefing conversation either on December 7 or 14 at 3PM by accessing one of these sessions in the events page of our Rope Teams platform. Simply join. No need to RSVP.


Shannon Hall of the wolf clan is a member of the Haudenosaunee (or people of the Long House) Confederacy and resides in the Akwesasne (or land where the partridge drums) Mohawk (or people of the Flint) Nation.  Shannon has dedicated her life to fostering cultural capacity and empowerment within her community and beyond. For twenty years, she served as a beacon of integrity within the Mohawk community’s justice system as an inherent rights Mohawk Justice, navigating complexities with a focus on fairness, equity, and cultural sensitivity.


Shannon’s passion for education became a transformative force as she recognized the power of knowledge in dismantling barriers and uplifting community, allowing her to nurture the cultural capacity and growth of her people, who have faced the horrors of genocide, the destruction of their culture and the near erasure of their identity. Shannon’s commitment to her community and cultural responsibilities can be demonstrated through her work as the sole proprietor of Pathfinders Consulting, providing holistic health and wellness services to First Nations communities and organizations, and as the Founder of Project Good Mind.

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