Faculty Champions Program

Welcome to the Rope Teams Faculty Champions Program! Designed to support your curricular, instructional and assessment efforts as well as to encourage and facilitate your engagement in our career and identity/allyship rope teams, the Faculty Champions program is a shared opportunity to enhance the student experience. This program is led jointly by the Excelsior University Career Readiness Center and the Center for Social Justice to provide you with the resources, connections and support to ensure together our students’ personal, academic, career and intercultural development and success.

Invitation to Excelsior’s 2024 Celebration of Rev., Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day 

Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) was a civil rights activist who advocated for nonviolent methods to achieve social change and civil rights for African Americans, famously using nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience. MLK sought equality and justice, and his speeches and leadership …

By Ashley Archangelo
Ashley Archangelo Customer Success Manager
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Building Communities To Address Systemic Challenges In Higher Education And Beyond

The systemic inequities we experience and observe every day, although long existing, seem to be soaring. If we see them, if we believe in the critical need to scaffold the preparation of a diverse, engaged and ready next generation of …

DANIEL PASCOE AGUILAR Fndg. Director of Ctr. for Social Justice & CDO
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NACE’s Tips for Remote Career Services

Check out NACE’s article for career service professionals on how to help students along their career journey while using digital strategies and technology.

By Career Readiness Center
Career Readiness Center
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Q&A with Tammy Spenziero – Excelsior University

What excites you about the career services field?
What excites me about the career services field is to help others achieve their goals and realize their full potential. The world is changing and now, more than ever, we have the …

By Career Readiness Center
Career Readiness Center
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New Job Jitters

Your phone rings.

It’s the hiring manager at the company you interviewed with last week for that great new job!

You let the phone ring twice (best to seem not too desperate), sit up a little straighter, and prep …

By Career Readiness Center
Career Readiness Center
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Landing the Right Job at the Right Time

Based on student Google search statistics, staffing and recruiting firms were top key word searches. Excelsior’s career development director reached out to her network of key experts in this field to ask their opinions about some common student concerns.

Meet …

TAMMY SPENZIERO Director, Student Success
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Black History Month


Ramtin Arablouei

Rund Abdelfatah

Lawrence Wu

Jamie York

Parth Shah

Victor Yvellez

Julie Caine

Episode 176

December 12, 2023 • 33 minutes

By: Indiana University Bloomington


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