19 Lessons I Learned Playing Sports That Help Me As A Woman In Business Today

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19 Lessons I Learned Playing Sports That Help Me As A Woman In Business Today was originally published on Fairygodboss.

There’s research indicating that women who play sports are more successful. I’m a woman who played sports growing up and who still loves being active.

Today, my role as a coach puts me in touch with my clients’ mindsets and performance. I know that everyone’s definition of success is different. But, I also know that you must compete in business as well as in sports. These 19 lessons I learned playing sports provide a foundation for success in business and in life.

1. You need a game plan, strategy or objective you’re striving to achieve.

2. You must stay on your game. 

You can’t rest on your talent or past achievements. You always need to practice to get better.

3. You build self-confidence, tenacity, determination and perseverance resulting in a “can do” attitude.  

4. You develop endurance and learn how to pace yourself.

5. You learn what your strengths are and how to build upon them.

6. You learn what your weaknesses are and develop them into strengths. 

7. You learn how to visualize your goals and how to keep going until you reach them.  

8. You learn to be disciplined mentally and physically, developing laser-like focus when you’re in the game.

9. You develop a work ethic that translates to on-the-job performance.

10. You learn how to be the lead as well as a team player. 

You’re a part of a team whether that is in sports, a department or an organization. You learn early on that there is no “I” in team!

11. You learn about camaraderie, realizing that a victory for one is, at times, a victory for all.

12. You develop big-picture thinking. 

You see the bigger picture and the part you play.

13. You learn to think outside the box. 

As Wayne Gretsky said, “skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.” 

14. You learn how to set, break down and reach goals. 

You also learn how to change the goals when the circumstances in the game or the business change. 

15. You learn to play one position, or when needed, to sit on the bench or play a different role to achieve the win.

16. You learn to compromise because you don’t always agree with your coach or teammates. 

17. You learn to deal with personality conflicts with your coach, your teammates or the opposing team. 

18. You learn that losing doesn’t define who you are. 

You learn to get back up, dust yourself off and get back in the game.

19. You learn the importance of Recover and Regroup or Reinvent. 

Injury is a part of sports.  There are also times in business and life when you may get taken out of the game.  You learn to recover, then either regroup to get back in the game, or reinvent yourself to take on new roles.


Wanda Sealy created Multi-Task-Her Coaching and Consulting Services to assist ambitious working mothers like herself. An experienced coach, Wanda has an uncanny ability to help women identify and address the core issues that are holding them back, allowing them to be the inspired and empowered people they were born to be. If all you have are questions, Wanda will help you find the answers. To learn more about Wanda and her company, email her at wanda@multitaskher.com.

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